Education Level

Education Level Years - Variable Definition Table:

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Field Values

education_level_years participant education level years 12-16 years
Greater than 16 years
Less than 12 years
0 years

Tables that Reference this Variable:

  • Demographics

Data Type Information:

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education_level_years String NULLABLE

Curation Notations:

Education level in PPMI and BioFIND is a numeric variable (i.e., number of years of education). In PDBP and HBS, the variable is categorical (i.e., highest grade or level of school completed, or highest degree received.). The variable was harmonized between studies by using the number of years converted into four categorical values “0 years”, “Less than 12 years”, “12-16 years”, “Greater than 16 years”. Education level was aligned to number of years based on the average completion time for types of different degree levels available.