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AMP PD Audit and Compliance Team (ACT)

The AMP PD ACT monitors public activities on the AMP PD Knowledge Platform through periodic audits to assess compliance with the AMP PD governance policies. The ACT supports ethical use of the AMP PD Knowledge Platform, including adjudicating suspected unauthorized and/or unethical use of data. If you have any questions or suggestions about AMP PD Knowledge Platform governance, including the policies, ethics, or rules for data sharing through the AMP PD Knowledge Platform, please email:

AMP PD Publication Coordination Team

The AMP PD consortium will work together to ensure transparency in all authorship designations. Researchers interested in submitting a manuscript on behalf of AMP PD will develop the author list according to the AMP PD governance policy and will provide this author list to the AMP PD publication coordination team by submission to

Admin/General Help

For general questions about AMP PD, Terra, the Data Explorer tool(s), etc., please contact: