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AMP PD Webinar & Training Videos

Welcome to the AMP PD webinar training page. Users can learn more about AMP PD by watching the videos provided.

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AMP PD Data Analysis Overview


This video provides an overview of the Accelerating Medicines Partnership in Parkinson’s Disease (AMP-PD) Program, a public-private partnership, and how researchers can access and query the AMP PD Knowledge Portal data including clinical, genomics, and transcriptomics using a cloud computing infrastructure.

AMP PD Introduction


AMP PD Introduction - Key Concepts

  • Welcome: Webinar agenda and goals
  • Introduction to AMP PD
    • Knowledge Platform Components
  • AMP PD Portal and Portal Resources
    • Register for Access
  • Q&A

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)


Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - Key Concepts

  • Overview of GCP Components
    • Google Cloud Storage
    • BigQuery
    • Google Compute
  • Billable Activities in GCP
  • Tracking & Managing Costs
  • Q&A

BigQuery: Interacting with AMP PD Datasets


BigQuery: Interacting with AMP PD Datasets - Key Concepts

  • Dataset permissions (Tier 1 & Tier 2)
    • Accessing Clinical, WGS, and RNA Data
  • Identifying Subjects of Interest
  • Matching Clinical Assessments with Sample Data
  • Exporting Data
  • Q&A

Researcher Workbench (Terra)


Researcher Workbench (Terra) - Key Concepts

  • Introduction to the Terra Platform
    • Accessing Data using the Data Explorer
    • Analyzing Data in an Interactive Notebook
    • Running a Workflow
  • Workspaces: Billing and Cost Management
    • Sign-up for a Terra Billing Account
  • Q&A

Working with official AMP PD Workspaces


Working with official AMP PD Workspaces - Key Concepts

  • Navigating AMP PD Workspaces
    • Curated Workspaces
    • Tier 1 & Tier 2 Access
  • How to Link Terra Billing to Your Google Account
    • Create a Google Project in Terra
    • Cloud Cost Reports, Budgets, Alerts, etc.
  • Q&A

NIH STRIDES Cloud Overview



NIH STRIDES Cloud overview - Key Concepts

  • Use of Cloud for Research
  • STRIDES Benefits to Research Program
  • Onboarding & Enrollment Options
  • Q&A


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